Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Relax in a Bath

No matter how much we try to avoid stress in our day to day lives, it still has a way of finding us one way or another. Taking baths is one thing many people overlook as a way to wind down and find some relaxation and peace of mind. Not only is it an underrated stress reliever, but they can also do wonders for soreness and pain, and they are a great sleep promotor. I love taking baths for all these reasons. So after a long day, whether you're sore from a hard workout, stressed from work/personal problems, or just wanting to sleep easier, light a candle, make a cup of tea, hop in a bath, and enjoy yourself. Here are some of the products I use during and after baths that I highly recommend. 

1. Epsom Salt

This will help to detox and relax your body and mind, and it also works miracles on muscle aches and soreness. I love the Dr. Teal's Relax and Relief with Eucalyptus Spearmint; the smell is amazing. Pour about 2 cups of this into your bath's running water and just soak and enjoy. This can also be used as an exfoliant by mixing a handful with your favorite body wash. 

Ingredients: Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), 
Fragrance (Parfum), Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus)
 Leaf Oil, Mentha Virdis (Spearmint) Leaf Oil.

2. Body Wash: ORIGINS Ginger Burst Savory Body Wash

This is my favorite body wash to use. As you can tell, the bottle is basically empty. Massage this all over your body before exfoliating to feel and smell wonderful. This stuff is like caviar for the skin. (If you love the smell of this, you will also love the ginger soufflĂ© body whipped body cream.) 

3. Exfoliate: Sunshine Spa's Brown Sugar Scrub:

 This organic Beverley Hill's Spa scrub will leave you feeling like you've never felt before and makes your skin appear brighter and healthier. It naturally removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin rejuvenated and moisturized. Apply a generous amount to your body and massage in circular motions. This stuff is amazing.

Ingredients: Organic Brown Sugar, Expeller Pressed Almond Oil, 
High Oleic Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, 
Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Basil Leaf, 
Ginkgo Leaf, Sage Leaf, Natural Vitamin E and Fragrance. 100% Vegan

4.  Face mask: ORIGINS Drink Up 10 minute mask to quench skin's thirst

If my face is feeling dry, particularly in these fall and winter months, I like to use this face mask during my baths to give my skin moisture and smoothness. Alternatively, if your skin is breaking out, you can use a different mask that treats pores and acnes (staying on the Origins train, a great mask is the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask). Make sure you apply this to a clean face.

Key Ingredient: Apricot Kernel Oil

Don't forget to spend time closing your eyes and just relaxing while in the bath. I like to put a hot wash cloth over my face to steam my face and lungs, and then rinse with cold water. 

5. Moisturizer: ORIGINS Make a Difference Plus + rejuvenating moisturizer and ORIGINS Make a Difference Rejuvenating hand treatment

After getting out of the bath use a moisturizer to keep skin from drying out. These are two of my favorite moisturizers. The hand treatment is great for your hands because it makes your skin feel moisturized and smooth without leaving your hands feeling sticky or greasy. 

Key Ingredients in Moisturizer: Rose of Jericho and Watermelon

6. Overnight Mask: ORIGINS Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask

On those particularly dry days, I will use this at night to give my skin that extra drink of moisture. I tend to use heavier moisturizers in the fall and winter because my skin gets very dry and I live in a desert. So depending on your skin's condition, you can skip this step. 

Key Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Mango Butters, Japanese Seaweed

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  1. Wow great ideas! I love Origins, I wish I had the money to buy more products. I'm looking forward to the vegan pasta recipe! Love this blog! I hope you continue to post more often!

  2. I need to take more baths for sure. I feel like I'm too busy! Maybe that's why I need to relax and take more. What is a good amount of time to stay in a bath?

  3. They say you should spend at least 15-20 minutes in order to get the benefits of the epsom salts, but you could always stay in for longer! Just make sure you don't get overheated! :)

  4. My baths probably average to around 30-40 minutes.

  5. Thank you so much for this terrific blog - great ideas! Please keep them coming!

  6. Great post! I really like your blog! This post was really nice, and the picture made me feel nice and relaxed. I'm following you lovely blog now on gfc, check out my blog and if you like it follow me too. Let's keep in touch :)





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