Sunday, October 27, 2013

Veestro Delivery!

For the most part I try to prepare meals using fresh, whole ingredients but there are times when I simply just don't have time to cook (or feel like cooking)! In times like those, Veestro is the perfect option to have stocked in your freezer. Veestro is an online organization that creates delicious vegan, plant-based, preservative free meals at an affordable price and then ships them straight to your house. If  you buy a meal plan, then shipping is free! So we usually buy a meal plan and then also buy individual items on top of that and get free shipping for the whole order. Then, when it's delivered, you just put everything in your freezer, and when you're ready, the products can be thawed, boiled, or microwaved for a simple and speedy preparation!

 They use dry ice to keep everything frozen in the package.

(Full Order)

So if you ever feel too busy or tired to cook but also don't want to compromise eating a natural, plant-based diet, I highly recommend checking out Veestro! 

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