Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fitness Essentials: 7 must-have workout tools

I tend to keep my yoga practices and workouts separate, but for the sake of this post I have combined elements of both. As a certified yoga teacher and fitness fanatic, here are some of my favorite things: 

1. Lululemon The Mat: As a yoga teacher, I practice yoga a lot and need a durable, reliable mat that I can count on. I love this mat because unlike other mats, it won't slide around on hard floors. I also tend to sweat a lot and this mat has a special coating so you won't lose your grip, even when you're sweating. It's also thicker than your typical mat so it's more supportive and protective. So if you're serious about yoga, I would highly recommend this mat. 

2. Nathan Sonic Boom Armband: Whenever I run or use my elliptical, I love to listen to music. Holding your phone in your hand can be annoying and you will get your phone sweaty. Using an armband is the perfect solution for handsfree running. 

3. Foam Roller: I love to roll out my muscles before and after every workout. Using a foam roller is a great way to massage your muscles and release tension or tightness. It also works wonders on sore muscles.  

4. Lululemon Namaste Yoga Tote: If you practice yoga away from the home, you may want to consider a yoga mat carrier. Not only does it keep your mat from unrolling and getting dirty, but it can store your water bottle, keys, towel, and other items. Plus, it's easy to carry by just sliding it over your shoulder. 

5. Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving Into Stillness: I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys yoga whether you are a beginner or a teacher. This book is really easy to understand, has very clear images, and I love how deep it dives into meditation. If you struggle moving past yoga being only physical, this is the book for you. 

6. Lululemon The (Small) Towel: When you sweat during workouts or yoga practices, it's always nice if you have a towel with you so that you can quickly wipe down and get rid of sweat dripping on your face or hands. Any towel will do, but I like these because they are super absorbent and soft. 

7. Thera-bands: Thera-bands are great for resistance training and strength building. When I was a ballet dancer, I would use these every single day to gain strength in my ankles and feet, and I haven't stopped using them since. There are so many exercises you can do with these to work every part of the body. 

I didn't put numbers with these because they are pretty standard, but also pictured are small dumbbells and wrist-weights; I like to use these during certain exercises and on the elliptical. Let me know if you want to see any of my workout routines including foam roller exercises, thera-band exercises, and yoga sequences! 


  1. I would like to see workout routines!!!

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