Friday, January 10, 2014

Reusable Utensil Set

I recently got these reusable utensil sets, and they are fantastic! They are made from bamboo and include one knife, one fork, one spoon, and a set of chop sticks. These are great because they come with a portable case that fits easily in a purse or a bag. They even have a carabiner on the back if you would rather clip them to your backpack, lunchbox, or something similar.  

What's great about these is by carrying a set in your purse, you'll never have to use and dispose of plastic utensils when you eat out or eat your meals on the go. Not only does plastic cutlery contain chemicals that are harmful for our bodies, but they are terrible for the environment as well. Many recycling programs don't even accept plastic utensils, so most of them just end up going to landfill. 

A good idea to do with these would be to fold up a small reusable cloth napkin and either wrap your utensils in it or tuck it in behind, that way you wouldn't have to use paper napkins when eating out either. I have to admit, it's very difficult to bring your own utensils when you're just taking them out of your utensil drawer from home: they get lost, they don't stay in place where you put them because they aren't in a case, and they're heavy (heavier than bamboo at least). These are from and are available in many different colors.

Together, let's reduce and reuse! 

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